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In the Fifties, Sergio Zambelli, in cooperation with some health specialists of the sector, begins the study of scientific equipment for air quality control. Today, many instruments are integrated into automatic and increasingly more sophisticated systems, recognised and approved by many international authorities.

The increasing ecological awareness in respect of environmental pollution, and ZAMBELLI’s cooperation with some Government and European Community bodies, led to the development of highly technological instruments, in compliance with the requirements of the most recent standards on pollution control, confirming that our company is avant-garde in the production of atmospheric pollution monitoring instruments.

The ZAMBELLI range of instruments and accessories allows the control of INLET pollutants (pollutants which, dispersed and diluted in the air, participate in the atmosphere’s composition), and EMISSION pollutants (pollutants which are present in the gaseous effluent at the polluting source), both in the vapour and gaseous state and in the form of particulate matter, semi-liquid or liquid, and always finely dispersed (aerosol).