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Founded in 1945, WTW has provided outstanding leadership in the design and production of superior quality water testing instrumentation world-wide for over 55 years. WTW is proud to offer the World's broadest and most highly accepted product lines.

Laboratory & Field Instrumentation
The product range from WTW offers the world’s most complete line of pH/ORP, D.O./BOD/Respirometry and Conductivity Instruments, Turbidity Meters and Photometers including reagents. WTW systems range from rugged waterproof, portable field meters to an integrated line of laboratory instruments and accessories, as well as completely new multiparameter instruments with state-of-the-art technology.
The new ProfiLine portable single parameter instruments feature new technology and combine simple, easy-to-use features with exceptional durability for extreme conditions. The MultiLine® multi-parameter instruments, with high-resolution graphic display, feature extreme durability for measurements in a variety of applications where parameters can be measured sequentially or simultaneously.
The new digital IDS sensors convert the measuring values directly in the sensor and transfer the digital signals to the measuring instrument, delivering precision and convenience.
WTW offers premium optical technology instruments with the spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series for the UV and VIS range.

Online Instrumentation
For many years, the IQ SENSOR NET has set the standard for online measuring technology. It is suitable for conventional instrumentation with analog outputs as well as for field bus instrumentation. The innovative digital sensors in this system represent the state of the art in process measuring. The terminal/controller MIQ/TC 2020 XT is the new and extremely high-performance core of each IQ SENSOR NET system 2020. The dual-processor function integrated with every MIQ/TC 2020 XT increases the system stability, and therefore also the availability of the entire system. The integrated USB interface facilitates a considerably faster data exchange using a USB memory stick or connecting directly to an external system. The new 182 XT-4 system is the economic solution for up to 4 sensors, perfectly suitable for central measuring points, e.g. locations with multiple parameters being measured. The IQ SENSOR NET system is therefore the most flexible, digitally based system providing from 1 to 20 measuring points.
For the measuring and control of wastewater, WTW offers the world’s most complete line of pH/ORP, D.O., Conductivity, Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphate and unique self-cleaning Turbidity instrumentation as well as comprehensive accessories.
The dependability, reliability, and versatility of WTW field proven Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrite and Nitrate Analyzers, probes, and pH, ORP, D.O., and Conductivity systems and meters have established WTW products as industry standards world-wide.

WTW has built a solid reputation in its more than 60 year history by providing “best in class” products with unparalleled customer and technical support. WTW strives to deliver solutions to our customers measuring problems. Our Customer Care Centers are dedicated to ensuring each customer’s individual success. WTW’s extensive applications library, coupled with knowledgeable applications specialists, provide for rapid resolutions to technical challenges.
With support facilities around the globe, the WTW manufacturing center, located just south of Munich, Germany, delivers quality technical instrumentation with continuous support. We are proud to present our product offering to you and look forward to serving your needs. “Made in Germany”.