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WaterLOG® Division of Design Analysis Associates, Inc., consider our role in monitoring our precious water resources a responsibility at the highest level. As a result, the WaterLOG®team at DAA is committed to continuous personal, professional and product development. By becoming contributing partners in our local and global communities and working hand in hand with governments and industry, our vision encompasses playing a role in preserving our environment for this and future generations. We at DAA welcome you to join with us in this worthy and noble cause.

Where We Have Been
Leaving the world of academia as a distinguished professor, recognized for his many achievements in the field of Electrical Engineering and Science, William I. Fletcher left the university environment in 1971 and founded Design Analysis Associates, Inc. (DAA). Specializing in systems design and product development, DAA is a recognized leader in areas of analog, digital, software, mechanical, printed circuit board, VLSI integrated circuits and industrial design. Our clients include IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, Scientific Atlanta, National Semiconductor, United States Government, and Siemens of Germany, to name a few. Our accomplishments in the field of high precision instrumentation for fluid level measurement have been equally rewarding. We have grown into a recognized global company, manufacturing products for both the government and private sectors. Our journey has been one of unyielding commitment to be our best. The journey continues.

Our Products
Years ago, careful research and the assessment of our company's strengths and experience led us into the water level monitoring sector of the environmental industry. Our product reliability and consistent precision have led our products to be recognized by both customers and competition as the "industry standard". This recognition came neither easily nor quickly.

Three primary factors have contributed to our success:
(1) A combination of our products precision, reliability and cost effective pricing,
(2) The delivery of 80, two-week, worldwide seminars on our process of design and problem solving with DAA. President, Bill Fletcher, as a guest instructor.
(3) One of the most capable groups of engineers working under one roof anywhere in the world.

Consider that: Each product is literally custom built. Our products spend one week in an environmental chamber being tested for infantile failure and operation at maximum and minimum operating temperature ranges. Upon completion of testing, each product is quality certified before being shipped to you, the end user. This exceptional care, and more, is why DAA instrumentation offers reliable measurements year after year after year in the most harsh conditions. Whether it be streams, rivers, canals, ponds, reservoirs, lakes, aquifers, tanks or wastewater plants we have the products for the job.

Where We Are Going
As the complexity of preserving the world's resources grows, water quality professionals need instruments they can count on for accurate data and dependable operation. As our customers continue to have more of a diverse cross section of interests, the WaterLOG® Division will be proactive and innovative in the introduction of products that exceed our customers' needs, thus keeping them on the cutting edge of measurement technology. Together, in partnership, we will go where our customers and their requirements take us