Temprecord International Ltd

Temprecord understands the importance of accuracy in temperature and environmental recording. That is why we have invested in establishing an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for the calibration of Temprecord recorders.
Temprecord has developed approved systems and procured quality calibration equipment to ensure that our temperature recorders are manufactured to the highest accuracy standards available.
In our experience, the stated accuracy of a recorder's temperature sensor may not necessarily indicate the overall accuracy of the recorder. A temperature recorder's overall accuracy may only be determined by a valid calibration of the recorder itself.
When Temprecord states the accuracy of our General Use and Scientific temperature recorders this figure is determined by comparing temperature data from each individual recorder in a precisely controlled temperature environment. Traceable reference thermometers are used to validate the readings and the resultant error corrections are loaded into the recorder's firmware.
This manufacturing process makes sure that every General Use or Scientific temperature recorder is accurate to the specified tolerances.


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