Star-Oddi Ltd.

Founded in Iceland in 1985, Star-Oddi has become recognized as one of the world´s leading manufacturer of technology for researches on the oceans and its living resources.

Since 1993, Star-Oddi has manufactured and developed the Data Storage Tag also known as archival tag, which is a miniature data logger designed for fish tagging but can be used for other marine animal tagging applications as well. We put high emphasises on developing equipment which can be used to protect, restore and manage the coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management.

Today Star-Oddi offers a wide range of products such as temperature and depth loggers, and our famous, inexpensive small salinity data logger known for its small size, accuracy and reliability to state of the art underwater tagging equipment.

Our submersible data loggers and underwater temperature recorders have been used in various situations such as fish tags and tagging other marine animals and within the fields of fisheries research, oceanography, marine and freshwater biology to geology science for monitoring high temperature and high pressure in boreholes. We have developed small pitch and roll logger, 3D sensors for gothermal research and various of bespoken solutions for our customers.

The company operates in the global marketplace; our goal is to offer excellent quality, reliability and well designed products where there is need for life cycle monitoring.

Star-Oddi will focus its activities on strategic customer relations, with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction in regards to development and design of advanced research equipment, and work to ensure optimum R&D efficiency, within the framework of an extremely cost-effective infrastructure together with highly qualified human resources.


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