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SKC Inc.

SKC serves the Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health markets by providing air sampling instruments and sample collection media:

Air sample pumps, calibrators & accessories
Reliable, precision-engineered instruments for monitoring chemical vapors and particulates in the industrial and workplace environment.

Sorbent sample tubes and collection media
Over 150 different sorbent sample tubes for collecting more than 500 different chemicals. A complete line of filters and impingers for over 1000 chemicals.

Gas sample bags
Made of impermeable Tedlar film for collecting on-the-spot air samples.

Validated passive samplers
For reliable diffusive sampling of many organic vapors.

Colorimetric Detector Tubes
Prime supplier of Color Detector Tubes, Color Dosimeter Tubes, Drager accuro ® Grab Sample Pump and grab sample tubes, GASTEC GV100 Pump and GASTEC grab sample tubes

Gas Monitors
Single and multiple gas portable monitors

Noise Monitoring Instruments
Quest Technologies sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

Vibration Monitors
Quest vibration monitors measure hand-arm and/or whole-body vibration exposure.

Heat Stress Monitors
Quest personal and area heat stress monitors simplify heat stress management.

IAQ Monitors
Measure and monitor important indoor environmental parameters including carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, relative humidity, air movement, light, VOCs, and toxic gases.