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Sequoia Scientific

Since 1995, Sequoia Scientific, Inc. has been the global leader in technologies for submersible and field measurements of particles and particle size distributions. The company began with its workhorse product LISST-100X. This was the first instrument which incorporated laser diffraction technology for measuring particles in coasts, ports, harbors, rivers, streams, and reservoirs etc. It remains the only instrument worldwide with this capability.

Derivative instruments have been offered over the years; e.g. the LISST-ST measures the settling velocity of particles suspended in water in-situ. An iso-kinetic sensor system, LISST-SL was developed to measure sediments and other parameters for monitoring rivers. The world’s first and still the only battery-powered airplane-portable laser diffraction system is our product, LISST-Portable|XR. It is used, among others, by drillers in the oil and gas industry to size drilling muds. Still other systems, LISST-HYDRO and LISST-INFINITE are made to guard hydropower turbines against abrasion in run of river plants, or for observing rates of siltation of reservoirs. These various sensors are in use by US and 30-plus international government agencies, academics, consulting, and environmental monitoring companies. A network of International Distributors supports our customers.