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ProHydro Inc.

ProHydro, Inc. provides training and assistance in Snap Sampler(tm) implementation. This includes field deployments as well as workplan development and regulatory interaction. The Snap Sampler(tm) method compares very well with traditional technologies, so regulatory hurdles are relatively low. However, ProHydro can help when additional efforts are required for acceptance of this alternative sampling method.

The Snap Sampler(tm) technology is an alternative to traditional well purging prior to sample collection. The Snap Sampler(tm) can be used to collect high quality ground water samples for virtually any analyte. There are no restrictions to certain chemical classes.

The 40 mL sample bottle is the same size as a standard 40 mL VOA bottle, with spring-activated end caps at both ends designed to seal an in situ sample without having to pour it into lab containers at the well head. The VOA bottle works in standard lab autosampler equipment. The 125 mL bottle is 6” long and 1.75” in diameter. The 350 mL bottle is 6” long and 3.25” in diameter. Snap Samplers can be deployed in series to collect multiple bottles in any combination of sizes.

Snap Samplers(tm) are available in stainless steel and acetal (a non-leaching, low water absorption thermoplastic). The 40 mL bottles are glass. The 125 mL and 350 mL bottles are high density polyethylene. Each bottle is sealed with 2 PFA Teflon® end caps connected through the bottle by a PFA-coated stainless steel spring.

The Snap Sampler is designed to collect representative VOC samples in situ without purging. It utilizes specialty volatile organic analysis (VOA) vials that close while submerged in the well. The in-well closure feature eliminates transferring samples to laboratory-prepared containers at the well head. The Snap Sampler VOA vial is similar to a standard-sized 40 mL glass VOA vial, but has double end-openings. Two end closure caps made of PFA Teflon seal water within the VOA vial with an internal closure spring. The VOA vial is placed inside the Snap Sampler and the end closure caps are attached to the sampler's trigger mechanism in an open position. Up to four Snap Samplers can be attached in series to collect any combination of bottle sizes with a single trigger. The Snap Sampler is deployed using either a manual or electric trigger. The VOA vials are designed to collect VOC contaminants without the analyte limitations of other passive samplers. The Snap Sampler bottles are open to the well environment during the deployment period, so there is no membrane to selectively prevent or slow equilibration with water in the well. Because the VOA vials are completely open to the well environment, the samples collected are not limited to VOCs. Metals, SVOC, perchlorate, explosives, natural attenuation parameters such as iron, sulfate, and nitrate can all be collected. There are no analyte restrictions. Sampling error and data noise is reduced or eliminated because the samples are not exposed until they are analyzed in the laboratory.