Opti-Sciences, Inc.

Opti-Sciences Inc. has been serving the scientific community for more than fifteen years.

Headquartered north of Boston in Hudson NH, Opti-Sciences has grown from its original Tyngsboro, MA location to its own 15,000 sq. ft building. The new facility provides plenty of room for volume manufacturing, design, prototyping, marketing, and of course, expansion. Incorporated in 1993, Opti-Sciences is a 100% privately owned U.S. Corporation.

From the beginning the company has designed its instruments to be reliable, rugged, durable and has provided highly competitive prices.

Today Opti-Sciences still believes in this formula and it has added technical dominance to the equation with the introduction of the OS5p, an instrument that offers the most comprehensive portable stress measuring solutions in the world.
The company offers a range of chlorophyll fluorometers, a superior chlorophyll content meter, a continuous flow and discrete water testing fluorometer, and flexible fluorometers for transgenic and specialized work using a range of wavelengths.

Opt-sciences also makes specialized custom and OEM fluorometers for a number of companies.

A deep commitment to customer service and satisfaction, has helped the company to remain strong over the years. Moving forward Opti-Sciences will continue to use the formula that has made it successful.


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