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Lindorm, Inc.

Lindorm, Inc. is a private for-profit Florida corporation. It continues the R&D and global marketing of scientific instruments from Erlingsson Sub-Aquatic Surveys, a Swedish company established in 1989. January 1st, 2007, Lindorm moved these business activities over to the US. This change enables us to build unique instruments in-house, based on proprietary designs. Complete control from the drawing board to the shipment is our strategy.

Lindorm, Inc. is using an ancient symbol. Doing things in harmony with nature and taking care of both the social and the environmental framework of our existence is part of the strategy for being around in the long term. Our ethical code includes taking an active stance against violations of human rights everywhere, and a direct result of this code is that we are not purchasing products from the region Herodotos called Palestine until the process has started to allow all refugees from the ethnical cleansing to return home to a democratic, secular, non-apartheid state.

As to our name, a lindorm is the two-legged Scandinavian dragon. Sometimes it is a giant sea serpent, sometimes an underground serpent, but in heraldics it has wings and can fly. The lindorm is the last mythological creature that somebody has claimed to have actually met in Scandinavia, as late as in the 19th century.