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Hydrological Services Pty Ltd

Hydrological Services, as the name describes, is a company dedicated to providing products and services to the hydrography industry.

Founded in 1968, Hydrological Services has grown from a single person operation to a company which employs 20 qualified engineers, scientists and manufacturing personnel.

Based in Sydney Australia, Hydrological Services is owned and staffed by hydrographers and engineers with over 100 years experience in hydrographic measurements. It is this expertise which sets Hydrological Services apart from other suppliers.

Hydrological Services expertise is undoubtedly in the field of hydrography and hydrology. However the company has developed a broad range of technology and expertise in the scientific instrument field. Originally the company's product range involved mainly mechanical devices, such as, The Sherlock Pressure Sensing Unit and the A.U.S.1 Strip Chart Water Level Recorder, Sediment Samplers, Columbus Gauging Weights and Steam Gauging Winches .

The company developed the mechanical engineering skills to design and manufacture these products such that they would be reliable, rugged yet precise and sensitive enough to meet the markets need and to withstand the harsh environments to which they would be exposed. Their present product range includes a more advanced electro-mechanical class of instrument such as the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Shaft Encoders, Current Meters, Data Loggers and Flood Warning Systems, using all modes of communications, in the electronic class of instruments.

These products incorporate microprocessor based technology and advanced telecommunications and telemetry capability. This CMOS based technology is amongst the most advanced in the environmental monitoring industry and provides high capacity data storage combined with the ability to remotely interrogate the monitoring device, download new programs and transmit data virtually anywhere in the world.