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Greenspan Analytical

Greenspan Analytical manufactures environmental instrumentation for water level monitoring and quality analysis, specifically designed for unattended operation for extended duration and in remote locations.

These instruments are used in a variety of environmental applications such as river and harbour monitoring, borehole monitoring, nutrient analysis, wastewater treatment plants and final discharge monitoring.

Water quality sensors allow the measurement of the physical parameters pH, electrical conductivity/salinity, oxidisation reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity.

The sensors offer 4-20mA or SDI-12 outputs or alternatively they are available with on - board data-loggers for event monitoring, which can be connected to a rain gauge. All sensors can be linked via modem to allow data to be delivered direct to your desktop PC.

Water analysers are offered to allow customers to obtain data from remote sites with minimum risk to the asset as it is kept out of the water source. The design of the analysers allow a wider range of parameters to be measured than is available with in-situ sensors.

The Aqualab and Mini-Analyser are designed to perform analysis of physical parameters and/or nutrient parameters, namely; nitrate, phosphate, ammonia or ammonium.