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Our history goes back to 1985, with our invention of the HydroPunch®. This pioneering direct push water sampler and its offspring, the HydroPunch II sampler for floating layers and larger volumes, were largely responsible for starting the growth of the modern direct push industry. Thus far, GeoInsight has six patents and several pending all related to direct push technology.

In 1994, GeoInsight invention struck again, producing the PowerPunch. This revolutionary tool system was the first practical approach to installing and sealing temporary or permanent small-diameter wells in one pass.

Since then, we have continued to introduce important advances in direct push well technology, with our ever-expanding line of small-diameter well components the most-used, most-imitated well screens, annular seals, and drive points on the market.

• HydraSleeve - No-purge "passive" ground water samplers
U.S. Patents No. 6,481,300; No. 6,837,120; others pending