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CHEMetrics Inc.

CHEMetrics, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Gordon Rampy, principal and CEO, to exploit his development of a unique device for conducting colorimetric water analysis. Today's extensive product line of water and wastewater testing kits is based on that invention, the self-filling reagent ampoule. This innovative technique has greatly increased the simplicity, convenience, speed, and safety of colorimetric water testing, both on-site and in the laboratory.

Each year CHEMetrics manufactures and ships millions of ampoules for simplified water testing to the following markets: Aquaculture, Boiler/Cooling Water, Chemical Processing, Drinking Water, Education, Environmental Testing, Petroleum Refining, Power Plant Utilities, Pulp and Paper Mills, Semiconductor Manufacturing/Electroplating, Wastewater-Industrial, Wastewater-Municipal, and Water Conditioning.