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Aquabotix Technology Corporation

Aquabotix Technology Corporation, located in southern New England, is a privately funded company that develops fun and exciting consumer and commercial products for underwater observation and exploration. We seek to change the way people interact with the underwater world. Our team consists of engineers, software developers, marketers, and innovative leaders—all talented, focused, responsible, and passionate about our customers, while caring for our environment and giving back to the community.

Looking at recent trends, it is apparent that consumers are spending less on big ticket items and more on accessories and gadgets for their pre-existing boats. This trend opens up a vast opportunity for us to succeed in the marketplace.

Aquabotix’s products, the HydroView and AquaLens, let you experience ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans—without getting wet. Our remote operated, submersible vehicles and underwater viewing systems let you see beneath the waves, while cutting edge technology enables the user to comfortably explore from topside. Perform inspections, assess water depths, and have that sense of safety and security on the water. These exciting consumer products are affordable, easy to use, and friendly to underwater environments.