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Airy Technology, Inc.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide environmental testing instruments as well as explore customers' needs and create the new testing environment through providing new testing instruments in the market. Through our activities, our goal is contribute to solve measuring problems and improve the efficiency, health and safety of companies and residents, non profit organization and public institution worldwide.

About Us
One of Airy Technology, Inc's objectives is to contribute to the occupational and residential environment improvement through providing a variety of sophisticated measuring instruments. Our remarkable uniqueness includes provide customized products for specialized application. Choosing the best fit instrument is important to obtain, maintain the desirable environmental situation and comply with regulations.

Testing instruments must deliver accurate and verifiable performance, both to ensure precise and reliable quality diagnosis, and to provide credible answers if results or procedures are challenged. A company's reputation depends on the quality and performance of the test tools in use, as well as on the user's understanding of instrument specifications, technologies, applications and maintenance. Airy Technology, Inc. offers the best quality products and the most comprehensive training and post-sale support to help you attain these crucial objectives.

Vision Statement
Airy Technology, Inc. is a world class supplier of ground-breaking testing instruments and solutions to meet the demands of today's most innovative companies.