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Envco offer a large selection of top quality environmental testing instruments for short or long term rental anywhere in New Zealand!

Whether you need equipment for soil, water, or air based applications, we ensure that every one of our instruments is properly maintained and calibrated to reliably provide quality data in the demanding environment of field use.


We have the experience, knowledge and ethics to provide you with right equipment and service at the most competitive rates around. We offer flexible terms and support surrounding our products and if required, timely delivery either in person or by courier is available. For years customers have enjoyed our technical assistance and ability to cater to unusual specifications and emergency 'on the spot' solutions when the unpredictable happens.


Our extensive rental inventory encompasses all environmental fields, covering a huge range of parameters including: pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, ORP, TDS, TSS, nitrate, NH4, oil / water interface, methane, isobutylene, CO2, CO, H2S, dust and more.

Our instrument rental office is located at

438B Rosebank Road, Avondale 1026, Auckland, New Zealand

and we are open

Mon - Fri from 07:30AM until 05.00PM NZST


We have a wide range of equipment for Groundwater/Groundwater pumps, Air Quality, Biogas, Remediation, Landfill, Wastewater, Water flow, Water Quality, Soil Sampling, Water Level Loggers and other specialized equipment.


We also stock all associated consumables for the equipment you rent.


Below is a list of our extensive range:


Water Quality Meters

EXO Advanced Water Quality Sondes

Optional sensors available for EXO

Interface/ Water Level Meters

Water Level Loggers

Water Sampling

Ground Water Pumps

12v Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

Bladder Pumps

Gas Monitoring

Dust Monitoring 

Soil Sampling Equipment

Water Flow

Specialised Equipment

  • Honda 2000W Inverter Generator
  • Infiltration rings
  • Mudder boots


Contact us on 0800 623 336 ex. 2 for your rental equipment needs

 or contact our Rental Manager directly at



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