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SonTek is pleased to unveil the new FlowTracker2 now with optional pressure sensor

The Pressure is ON!
All knowledge levels welcome  

Yes the pressure is ON! –
The FlowTracker2 with optional pressure sensor, that is!

[REGISTER] With advances in technology and general application know-how contributed by world-renowned hydrologists, researchers and scientists, SonTek is pleased to unveil the new FlowTracker2 now with optional pressure sensor feature!

JOIN SonTek's Product Manager/Application Engineer Janice Landsfeld and Senior Hydrologist, Daniel Wagenaar 8:00 am PST, Tuesday, December 13th, as they highlight what how the FT2 with pressure sensor can optimize your data collection efforts.

  • More accurate and precise measure of depth
  • More accurate and precise positioning of sensor at proper depth for measurement
    • Be confident in your data and your efforts spent getting it!
  • Ability to measure in places where sight-reading of depth on a rod is inconvenient or impossible
    • Get spot-on depth measurements from bridges, walkways, manholes, or other structures
    • Ability to capture needed depth data for non-discharge-related projects, such as aquatic habitat mapping, and hydraulic studies
  • Elimination of chance of human error when depth is manually read on the rod (source of error) and then keyed-in (another source of error).
    • Ensure high quality data in spite of distracting conditions, cold weather, or personnel in training.
    • Some users may prefer a visual interface, others the manual option—method can be toggled with each station.
  • Ability to review and QA/QC depth time series data back at the office.
    • Ensure manager visibility over field procedures and more rigorous data review options.
  • SonTek’s innovative patent-pending method of properly compensating pressure readings under different flow conditions.
    • Ensures a real, useable, high-quality solution in the field, across different flow conditions.

Participation is free, however registration is limited. We understand this live event is not time-zone friendly for all communities served, so we encourage you to register to receive a link to the recorded event if you are unable to attend the live presentation.