RiverSurveyor 4.0 software is here

No tagline required: With RiverSurveyor Live, automatically measure distance between stations with DGPS/or RTK equipped systems.
The award-winning RiverSurveyor just got BETTER!  

And that’s just the beginning with RiverSurveyor 4.0!


RiverSurveyor Live 4.0 software is here and available for immediate download. Here’s a quick reminder about some of the features you can take advantage of today:

  • No tagline/tape measure required: With RiverSurveyor Stationary Live, automatically measure distance between stations with DGPS or RTK GPS equipped systems.
  • Manual configuration: Now you can set blanking distance, cell size and number of cells for moving boat measurements.
  • Real-time QA/QC warnings: Know when there could be a problem before there is one.
  • Zipped files: New and improved compression and auto-decompression, providing faster access to large amounts of data.
  • Sample filter: Remove your random velocity outliers with ease!

Many of these exciting upgrades are based on feedback from field hydrologists, water monitoring professionals and researchers like you!

Download RiverSurveyor 4.0 (registration page)
RiverSurveyor Brochure
RiverSurveyor Buying Guide

We are always happy to answer any questions regarding the RiverSurveyor-M9 or other Xylem instrumentation, Contact us here at Envco.

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