Environmental rental equipment available in NZ

Environmental rental equipment available in NZ

Envco have a large selection of environmental equipment available for rental anywhere in New Zealand.

Whether it is short or long term rental, we have the experience, knowledge and ethics to provide you with top quality equipment and service at the most competitive rates you’ll find anywhere. Envco offers flexible terms and support surrounding our products and if required, timely delivery either in person or by courier is available. For years customers have enjoyed our ability to cater to unusual specifications and emergency ‘on the spot’ solutions when the unpredictable happens.

Our available rental products include monitoring equipment for soil, air and water based applications, and covers a huge range of parameters including: pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, ORP, TDS, TSS, nitrate, NH4, oil / water interface, methane, isobutylene, CO2, CO, H2S and dust, but also includes many more.

Call Envco for your rental needs today on 0800 623 336 or email us on rentals@envcoglobal.com


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