Envco support the Bicentennial Expedition of Campbell Island

Campbell Is is nestled in the Southern  Ocean, 700 km south of NZ. World Heritage site Campbell Island, 50º South Trust

Campbell Island Expidition Facebook Site

Sail 700km south, through the ‘roaring forties’ and ‘furious fifties’ and you will find the World Heritage site of Campbell Island, nestled in the wild waters of the Southern Ocean. In December 2010, 200 years after its discovery, the Royal New Zealand Navy will drop 12 scientists and support crew to our country’s most southern island for 9 weeks. Basing ourselves in the now unmanned Met Service building, we will study the island’s history, its ecology, and its recovery from decades of grazing and the world’s largest island rat eradication. We will tell the story of the hardy souls that lived and died on this remote island, and of the weird and wonderful plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Our work will be crucial to the future of our island sanctuaries, for their management relies on us understanding how they function and respond to change.

The world will be watching as we depart from Bluff with the Royal New Zealand Navy and a TV3 crew, and once they wave us off from the Island we will stream our own video and photo footage back via satellite. So come follow our journey on and Facebook and at our website www.50south.org.nz

Our group is supporting the expedition with equipment and instrumentation for monitoring. If you’re a supplier please contact us to arrange your equipment loan or donation for the expedition.  You will receive a written letter of thanks and images of your equipment in use and data from one of earths most sensitive and remote sites.   

This is a rare opportunity to be involved in research of a historical site. Please support the group via Facebook or The 50º South Trust .   

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