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WINTER SALE! 10% off AMS Sampling Kits

10% off AMS Sampling Kits from now until the end of August! 


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Compact/complete kits for auger simplicity. The AMS Soil Sampling Mini Kits are in a soft poly-canvas case making auger sampling economical and easy.

Signature series kits are available in 3 1/4" auger size. The 5/8" threaded and Quick Connect (QC) kits are available in 2 1/4" or 3 1/4" auger sizes. The stainless steel (SST) kit is popular for critical environmental sampling.

Includes: A regular and a mud auger, four extensions (3' or 4') and a cross handle, packed in a flexible poly-canvas case for easy carrying, transport and storage.



AMS soil core sampling mini kits provide all the components needed to auger up to 12' and then collect a virtually undisturbed soil core sample in a liner.

Available in 3 1/4", in either carbon steel or all stainless steel with 5/8" threaded connections.

Includes: Regular auger, four 3' extensions, cross handle, soil core sampler, slide hammer, 2 plastic end caps, liner, 2 wrenches, universal slip wrench and poly-canvas case.



Provides some protection against possible electric shock when working in areas where buried electric cables may be present. The AMS Deluxe Fiberglass Auger Kit is ideal for locating irrigation, power and water lines.

The Signature Series augers provide versatility in different soil conditions. The 18” rubber coated Signature Series cross handle detaches for convenience while providing comfort during augering.

Includes: Tile probe, 2x 4 foot fiberglass extensions, Pair of insulated gloves, Regular auger, Mud auger, Cross handle, Carrying case