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Enjoy one-button import of sound velocity casts into HYPACK!

2016 | New Integration

SonTek-HYPACK Partnership
One Button Import of Sound Velocity Casts!
SonTek - HYPACK Collaboration


Enjoy one-button import of sound velocity casts into HYPACK!
HYPACK® has joined the Xylem family and what this means for you is added integration options between the popular HYPACK/HYSWEEP® software and SonTek instrumentation - starting with one our fan-favorites - the CastAway-CTD!

Simply cast and click, and sound speed data will automatically import via Bluetooth into HYSWEEP survey and are immediately available for correcting data. What are some of the other benefits important to you?

GPS integration comes standard. Automatically record start and end cast locations, taking full advantage of HYPACK's new sound speed interpolation in time and space. Automatic Bluetooth download means no messing around with cables - ever! If the weather is too rough-and-tumble to muck around with a PC, you can review your data immediately after a cast on the CastAway's waterproof LCD display.

 Collecting data along the River Severn