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Blackhawk pumps up the volume!

As leachate removal requires pumping, a system is only as good as the pump that runs it. For his clients throughout the Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin), Tracy Lemar, vice president of research and development for Des Moines, IA’s Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants, mentions a particular brand.

“We often recommend pumps from Blackhawk Technology Co.,” Lemar says. “We’ve installed both electric and air pump versions. They’re reliable; we have such good luck with them. They just keep running and running.” 

Glen Ellyn, IL’s Blackhawk,, manufactures a wide array of pumps. Customers can choose pneumatic, electric piston, or windmill pumps, with more on the way: “We asked about the possibility of solar-powered pumps about six months ago,” Lemar says, “and Blackhawk’s first solar  prototypes are being installed now.”

Lemar is especially enthusiastic about the upcoming solar models. “Landfills wired for electric can use the electric pumps, but if they’re not, solar pumps would be a problem solver,” he says. “Blackhawk’s prototype sports oversized solar panels, with battery back-up, so the pumps can run overnight.”

In the past, Lemar’s firm had used bladder air pumps, but “...we find Blackhawk’s pneumatic and electric piston pumps work better. We do wireless pump monitoring for our clients; Blackhawk pumps are more consistent, with more uptime. And, although at some sites the pumps cycle on and off, at others, the pumps are always running.”

More than half of Lemar’s business is landfills. “For newer sites, we install at least one pump per cell, if they have an under-drain system. Here in Iowa, we’re doing a lot of retrofitting, drilling wells into old landfills. Right now, we have 40 pumps at one client’s site.” Can the pumps be moved to where they’re needed? “We have sites where the leachate levels shift; we can move the actual pump motor around. Blackhawk pumps are flexible, easy to install.”

One Blackhawk advantage is that the pump motor is situated above and outside the well for reliable, clean, and safe operations. In addition, the pumps can also work in a horizontal as well as a vertical position, which makes them a great choice for mounded landfills.

“In the rare instance a Blackhawk pump breaks,” Lemar adds, “they send parts right away. Although we usually perform the service for our clients, Blackhawk does come out to do repairs. Of course, we don’t have a lot of experience with that—Blackhawk pumps just don’t break down.”

For a quote on your landfill system or leachate collection pump please contact ENVCO. Find more about Blackhawk pumps here or Blackhawk Pumps Factory Site.