Application Notes: Chlorophyll Fluorescence


Opti-Sciences has designed products to address the tests and protocols described in the attached application notes.  From its chlorophyll content meter – CCM-200, to its most advance and comprehensive chlorophyll fluorescence instrumentation – the OS5p, Opti-Sciences has concentrated on reliable yet rugged and highly portable products for use in the field of plant sciences.

app note #0109 Nutrient Stresses
app note #0208 fluorometer and chlorophyll content meter
app note #0209 Very Early Water Stress
app note #0210 Multi-Flash – Light Stress Yield Correction
app note #0309 Plant Leaf Dark Adaption
app note #0409 State transition vs FvFm & Yield
app note #0509 Yield Value and Limitations
app note #0809 Light (PAR) measurement and Yield
app note #0909 Light Curves
app note #1209 gas exchange & flluorescence


Opti-Sciences provides on a regular basis free plant science application notes on a variety of topics. Please let us know by email if you would like to be included in our application note distribution list and I would be happy to include your email address.  In addition, Opti-Sciences has made available a comprehensive compilation of published research in the field of plant stress testing.  

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