Equipment contamination and decontamination

All equipment is shipped new or decontaminated prior to dispatch. In no instance are we liable for contamination arising from client use of equipment or cross contamination.


Clients are responsible for complying with local national or international laws related to transport of organisms or contaminated items.All loaned, rented, or sold equipment should be treated in accordance with its use(s). A client should always assume a item is contaminated and in general adopt a cleaning/decontamination program before interchanging items between bodies of water, or use by personnel.


Equipment Decontamination

Prior to return, all equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Please make note on RMA form, the use of equipment, contaminants equipment was exposed to, and decontamination solutions/methods used.

Envco reserves the right to refuse any equipment not properly decontaminated. Envco may also choose to decontaminate equipment for a fee, which will be applied to the repair order invoice.


Equipment Liability

Clients should be aware that international shipment of used goods requires admission of use.  If you have cleaned and decontaminated an item it should be marked as “DECONTAMINATED  CLEAN” otherwise items may be held by customs up to 30 days for quarantine.  Liability of equipment hold/destruction/disposal is real and by no means our responsibility.  If this equipment is property of Envco, you will be responsible for rental or replacement costs.

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