Rental Terms and Conditions


1.1.       Rental Period:

A rental period will be arranged with the renter based on how long the equipment is used for and held onto. This will be established during the rental enquiry process.

1.2.       Equipment Collection/Shipment:

Renter should inform ENVCO if collecting equipment from ENVCO office or if shipment to renters’ destination is required at the time of rental enquiry.

1.3.       Minimum Rental Period:

The minimum rental period is one day.


1.4.       Maximum Rental Period:

There is no maximum period, however, if the rental goes beyond a month’s period, there will be monthly recurring bills (called progress invoices) during the ongoing rental, until the rental is finished, and equipment is returned.


1.5.       Extensions:

Extending the rental period is permitted only with prior approval from ENVCO.


1.6.       Hold-Time:

Failure to return equipment by the end of the arranged hire period, unless otherwise arranged, will incur standard rental fees until equipment is returned – this is referred to as the hold-time charge.



2.1.       Courier Service:

Unless otherwise notified, ENVCO will use its own freight service (generally NZ Couriers). The Renter will be invoiced the freight/handling costs incurred.


2.2.       Delivery to your Location:

Equipment will in most cases be delivered the working day prior to the arranged rental commencement date. There will be no rental charges during the time when it has arrived prior to rental commencement. The rental charge only starts from the arranged rental commencement date.


2.3.       Delivery Timing:

The time in transit should only be overnight if the shipping destination is a business address. If the shipping destination is a residential or rural address, it may take an extra 1-2 working days to be delivered and the renter should take this into consideration when requesting equipment to be shipped.


2.4.       Collection from Courier Depot:

In some cases, renter may opt to collect equipment from their nearest depot in case of a last-minute rental request or stringent timing. This must be communicated clearly to ENVCO during the rental enquiry process. Equipment should arrive at the requested courier depot overnight, and ready to collect as soon as the depot opens in the morning.


2.5.       Returning Equipment:

Renters who have requested equipment to be shipped to their location must return equipment back on an overnight courier to ensure no disruptions to rental operations are caused. NZ Couriers is recommended. ENVCO can provide NZ Couriers return tickets if necessary.


2.6.       Return Tickets:

As outlined above, ENVCO can provide NZ Couriers return tickets if requested. This will be charged onto the renter. Renters will need to either call NZ Couriers for pickup from their location or drop the items off at the nearest NZ Couriers depot. This must be done as soon as the rental is complete (allowing for any cleaning time necessary), either by the end of the last day of the rental period, or the morning after.


2.7.       Returning with Own Courier:

Renters may use their own method of return shipping, provided that an overnight delivery back to us is guaranteed. Tracking details must be retained, as ENVCO may need these details during transit.


2.8.       Return Delivery Timing:

As outlined above, the return shipment must be via an overnight courier service, as ENVCO accounts for 1x day for return transit.

If the renter chooses to use their own method of return shipping but the return postage takes 2x days or longer, then the renter will be liable for any disruptions to rental operations and bookings caused by the delay. A standard rental fee will apply until equipment has been returned to ENVCO. The only exception to this is if the courier company acknowledges delays in their network.



3.1.         Payment Process & Methods:

After the rental is complete and the equipment is returned, ENVCO will assess everything to ensure there are no further fees i.e., cleaning fee or damage/replacement fees. The hire will then be charged based on the method of payment as confirmed by the renter. A PO/job number or some sort of reference will be useful to include on the invoice.


The renter must confirm their method of payment. Generally, rentals are paid for through accounts payable, otherwise credit card or bank transfer (only through special arrangement).


3.2.       Payment via Accounts Payable:

In most cases, an invoice is sent to the accounts email of the renter’s company. A PO/job number or any sort of reference will likely be required – renter to confirm with ENVCO.


3.3.       Card Payment:

ENVCO also accept card payments – Visa or Mastercard.

ENVCO will require card details to be provided upfront (over the phone or in person) prior to hire commencement for security purposes. Card details are stored securely, and the card will only be charged once the rental is complete, and the equipment has been assessed by ENVCO upon return.

Alternatively, you can pay via EFTPOS Machine only upon equipment return. Any further fees i.e., cleaning and/or damage/replacement fees will still need to be accounted for as an additional consequent payment.

An invoice will be emailed to the renter once the card has been charged.


3.4.       New Customers:

ENVCO will email the renter a credit application form, which will need to be filled out as best as possible and emailed back to us. These details will allow us to add your details into our system to generate personalized quotes and invoices. The renter must advise if payment will be through accounts payable, or by other means i.e., card payments.


3.5.       Existing Customers:

An invoice will be made and sent to accounts, or to the renter if requested, or if it is a card payment.


3.6.       Unpaid Invoices:

Should the renter fail to pay any overdue invoice, ENVCO reserves the right to pass the debt onto a collections agency to recover any unpaid invoices, this will include any additional fees of the collections agent to recover the payment.

Unpaid invoices may also prevent further hires to the renter and renters company until overdue invoices are paid in full.



Downloading data from rental equipment is the renter’s responsibility, all necessary accessories will be provided. If needed, ENVCO can also download data, however the renter must inform ENVCO in this case. A data downloading fee of $75 + GST will apply per instrument.

If the instrument doesn’t allow the renter to download the data ENVCO may waive download costs at their discretion.



Calibration and/or accuracy checks are performed on instruments and applicable calibration reports included, prior to shipment from ENVCO. It is the responsibility of the Renter to ensure proper calibration before and during use. In no event will ENVCO be held responsible for the validity of instrument readings.


6.         DAMAGE OR LOSS

Damage or loss to equipment during possession or during freight from the Renter to ENVCO is the responsibility of the Renter. The Renter assumes all financial liability for loss and damage of equipment due to misuse, abuse, or accident.

ENVCO always ensures that equipment is sent out without faults. It is Renter’s responsibility to notify ENVCO immediately if any equipment is lost, faulty or damaged as soon as possible – be it on arrival, during the hire or post-hire.

Failure to comply makes the renter liable for any damage – which will be billed.



7.1.       ENVCO Pre-Rental Checks and Renter Responsibility:

All equipment is examined, checked, and cleaned by ENVCO prior to shipment/client collection to assure good condition and effective performance of the equipment.
All care must be taken by the renter to follow equipment maintenance guidelines as per the manual.

7.2.       Returning all components:

Please ensure all components of the rental equipment kit are returned as they were provided. Any missing items that cannot be located or have been lost will need to be replaced by ENVCO, and the replacement cost for that will be charged onto the Renter.

7.3.       Cleaning:

Equipment must be returned cleaned, decontaminated, and dried. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee being charged (upwards of $75 + gst), to account for the extra time and labor required by ENVCO to clean up equipment and accessories, as well as any rental disruptions that may arise due to the time lost in cleaning.

ENVCO reserves the right to determine the cleaning fee.




In the event of a job cancellation, the renter must inform ENVCO immediately, and have the equipment returned ASAP.

If equipment was shipped out, then the shipping fees will still be charged on.

If the equipment is shipped back either prior to or on the day of hire commencement (as arranged), there will be no rental charges.

If the job is cancelled after the day of hire commencement, then there will be a standard rental charge for the time the equipment was in use/held onto.



If an item of rented equipment malfunctions during use, please phone ENVCO immediately. If the problem cannot be rectified easily, ENVCO will ship a replacement item (if one is available) by road freight.

If the item is required more urgently, the extra freight costs incurred are the responsibility of the Renter.

The Renter must return the malfunctioning item to ENVCO immediately.



10.          LIABILITY

In no event will ENVCO be liable for any consequential, incidental, or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, any loss of profit     or revenues, loss of use of any equipment, damage to other equipment, cost of substitute equipment or downtime costs.

ENVCO shall not be responsible for loss or damage to a Renter’s business, property, or injury or death to persons. The Renter shall indemnify ENVCO and hold it harmless from any claims for any of the foregoing, including associated legal fees and expenses.

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