20 Years of High Quality Equipment

Envco provide a huge range of equipment that appeals to the hobbyist all the way to the Nobel Scientist. Let one of our representatives know what you want to measure using simply when, where, what, and why. We can offer you our recommendations and pricing.


Envco was formed in 2004 to service the South Pacific market and the business originally operated as parallel importers.

It is our goal to provide quality monitoring equipment to professionals who monitor earth processes and human impact on these conditions. Monitoring these processes and impacts is essential to even begin to take care of our environment and our industrial needs. It is for these reasons Envco is proud to supply equipment that may be used to enhance our lives.

We operate on fair market price represented by our suppliers’ list price. This has gained us a lot of support with both our suppliers and our clients. Our firm has proudly been the pivotal force that began the drop of prices in many regions. Because of this, a larger range of equipment has become available to the industry, and environmental monitoring with top quality instruments has become far more viable. Our staff have implicit understanding of monitoring, instruments, traceability, record-keeping, and preventative maintenance and so can provide expert advice to all clientele.



Ordering Information

The Envco website is designed to provide easy access to internationally priced projects. The site allows you to collect a list of products for quote in a cart. Our staff will contact you at time of order to personally arrange your transaction. Due to the nature of currency change, estimates and quotes are valid for 15 days. Every effort will be made to honour our quotes after this deadline, but currency changes are outside our power.

Please note that any electrical equipment listed on our website have specific voltage requirements. If you require 110/120 or 220/240 Volt AC, please let us know in the comment section of your order form and we will be glad to assist you with getting the proper product. Our measuring equipment is produced in Metric or English measurements. If you prefer measuring in English/Metric units please let us know in the comment section on your order form and we will be glad to inform you of any metric versions of our products.




We will happily replace or repair faulty items if purchased recently and will also endeavour to repair any other items you wish us to. In these cases, no charge is accrued for warranty repairs. When sending goods back to ENVCO for any reason please complete an online RMA form to accompany your item.



Environmental Policy

Our environmental strategy is to be a responsible corporate citizen in protecting the environment. Please review our Environmental Policy for further details

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