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WQ730 Turbidity Sensor

The WQ730 Turbidity Sensor is a highly accurate submersible instrument for in-situ environmental or process monitoring.

4-20mA Output Turbidity Sensor WQ730

Applications include: water quality testing and management, river monitoring, stream measurement, reservoir water quality testing, groundwater testing, water and wastewater treatment, and effluent and industrial contro

• Simple and convenient to use

• Marine grade cable with strain relief

• 306 stainless steel, delrin

In accordance with USEPA Method 180.1 for turbidity measurement, the Turbidity Sensor is a 90 degree scatter nephelometer. The sensor directs a focused beam into the monitored water. The light beam reflects off particles in the water, and the resultant light intensity is measured by a photodetector positioned at 90 degrees to the light beam. The detected light intensity is directly proportional to the turbidity of the water. The turbidity sensor utilizes a second light detector to correct for light intensity variations, color changes, and minor lens fouling.

Turbidity sensor specifications

Output: 4-20mA
Range: 0-50 NTU (Green Wire) 0-1000 NTU (White Wire)
Accuracy: + 1% of full scale
Power Requirements:10-36VDC
Warm Up Time:5 seconds minimum (Sensor)
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50°C
Size of Probe: (3.8 x 21.6 cm) (Dia x Length).The cable connection of the sensor is as follows:

Red: 12V
Black: Ground
Green: 4-20 mA low range output (50 NTU)
White: 4-20 mA high range output (1,000 NTU)

Ordering Information
WQ730 Turbidity Sensor 25 foot standard cable length
WQ770-b Turbidity Meter Includes turbidity sensor on 25 foot standard cable length.
WQEXC Extra Cable Over included cable length, up to 500 foot