Soil Moisture Transducer

Soil Moisture Transducer adapts to new and exisiting Irrometer tensiometers

Turn your tensiometer into a soil moisture data logger with this transducer unit.

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Adapts to new and existing Irrometer tensiometers. Allows the use of the dial gauge for real-time measurements.

The Pressure Transducer includes a 6 foot cable that is plugged into an available external port on a Model 200, 225, 425, or 450 WatchDog Data Logger.

Once the Tensiometer (with the Pressure Transducer installed) has been positioned at the desired sensor depth, connect the cable to the WatchDog external channel to log soil moisture data. Place the Irrometer Tensiometer in an area which is appropriate for monitoring the conditions in which the plant is experiencing.

Accuracy is +/-2%.

Ordering Information:
3669 R Type Tensiometer Transducer


Weight 2 kg
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