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Vaisala HMK15 Humidity calibrator

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No measuring instrument stays accurate by itself. It is essential that the functioning of an instrument is periodically checked against a reference. Vaisala has developed the Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15 to make calibration and spot checking of humidity probes and transmitters easy and reliable.

HMK15 Humidity instruments for calibration and adjustment.

Method used by leading laboratories
The operating principle of the HMK15 is based on the fact that a saturated salt solution generates a certain relative humidity in the air above it. The reading of the humidity probe or transmitter can then be adjusted accordingly. Many leading laboratories use this generally accepted and reliable method to calibrate humidity instruments. Usually two or three different salt solutions are used. Salts are chosen according to the application.

Certified salts
The HMK15 can be ordered with certified and pre-measured salts. A sample calibration is made from each batch in Vaisala’s Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL).

Calibrated thermometer
The HMK15 can be ordered with a thermometer, which is used for measuring the temperature during the calibration. It can also be used for checking the temperature measurement accuracy of the transmitter. The thermometer can contain either mercury (accuracy ±0.3 °C) or red capillary fluid (accuracy ±1.0 °C).

FINAS approved Measurement Standards Laboratory
Vaisala’s Measurement Standards Laboratory is a FINAS accredited calibration laboratory. FINAS is a member of the EA (the European Cooperation for Accreditation).

Please read specification sheet and order guide prior to placing an order. Vaisala products are professional grade instruments and have options specific to your application. This information needs to be detailed.