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WatchDog Quantum Light Sensor

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PAR Light Quantum Sensor to use with your WatchDog Data Logger. WatchDog Model 3668 Quantum Light Sensor works with WatchDog Logger Models 200, 225, 425, 450, Stations 2525, 2550, 2600, 2700, 2800

WatchDog Model 3668 Quantum Light Sensor Sensor captures radiation between 400 and 700 nanometers

PAR / QUANTUM LIGHT (400-700nm)
The light that drives photosynthesis in plants is Photosynthetically Active Radiation, or PAR light. This is also referred to as Quantum light, because it is measured in units of moles striking an area over time. Though PAR light ranges from 400 to 700nm, the region brightest to human eyes is the area of least effect on plants. Measuring quantum light can tell you if your plants are getting a sufficient amount of usable light.

The sensor approximates the PAR radiation. Once the sensor is in a representative"micro-climate", insert the data cable plug into the WatchDog external channel to log PAR Light data.To connect an external sensor to the logger, plug the sensor cable into the logger port that has been programmed for that particular sensor. If the sensor is not connected, the message "sensor error" will appear on the LCD display for the respective logger port until the sensor is connected.

Sensor captures radiation between 400 and 700 nanometers.
Range: 0-2500 umol m2s1.
Sensor drift is 1% per year and includes a built-in level.
Accuracy is +/- 5%.
Maximum of two per logger.

The PAR Light Sensor includes a 6 foot data cable; which is plugged into an available external port on a Model 200, 225, 400, 425, or 450 WatchDog data logger.

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3668i Quantum Light Sensor