U-DTW-1 HOBO Waterproof Shuttle

U-DTW-1 HOBO Waterproof Shuttle

The HOBO Waterproof Shuttle provides convenient readout and relaunching of underwater and outdoor HOBO loggers with an Optic USB interface, and is waterproof to 20m. The HOBO Waterproof Shuttle can also be used as a base station.

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Set of couplers:
– For UA Pendant
– For U20 Water Level
– For U22 Water Temp Pro v2
– For UTBI TidbiT v2
– For U23 HOBO Pro v2

The Optic USB Base Station is the device that is necessary to communicate between the host computer (i.e. PC) and certain models of Onset Computer Corporation’s loggers. The base station uses infrared light to transfer data, which allows loggers to be completely sealed and waterproof. The Optic USB Base Station converts the USB communication protocol into an infrared protocol used by the optic USB loggers.

A coupler (Part # COUPLER-UA) is required to connect the base station and the logger.

Plug the USB connector on the base station into an available USB port on your computer. Insert the logger and the base station into the coupler, as shown below. Make sure that the logger is inserted in the end of the coupler that has the magnet, and that the ridges on the base station and logger are aligned with the grooves in the coupler. If the logger is not aligned with the magnet, or if the ridges on the logger and base station are not aligned with the grooves in the coupler, the logger and the Optic USB Base Station will be unable to communicate.

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U-DTW-1 HOBO Waterproof Shuttle


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