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Solarimeter SL 200

The Kimo SL 200 solarimeter is a portable autonomous instrument with datalogging that can measure solar irrigation for the control of photovoltaic and thermal installations on site or test.

The SL 200 for measurement and spot check of the solar irrigation in W/m2

* Instantaneous, average, time-recording, min/max values, hold function
* Calculation of the energetic exposure in Wh/m2 during the timed measure period
* Storage of average values of power and updates to the energetic exposure calculation every minute
* Recorded data can be read on the display, and the graphic function allows fast interpretation of the measure file
* Easy use of data stored in memory
* Evaluation of the produced electric powers, optimum orientation of solar panels and performance follow-up
* Analysis of sunshine on sites over short or long periods
* Choice and determination of the thermal or photovoltaic generator features
* Reading and graphical approximation of data by 24 hours via transfer data software

Supplied with calibration certificate, transport case and data transfer software

Ordering Information:
17957 SL 200 Solarimeter