BASE-U-4 Optic USB Base Station

BASE-U-4 Optic USB Base Station

The new Universal Optic USB Base Station and a series of couplers are used to offload data from any HOBO® data logger with an Optic USB interface. The Optic USB Base Station connects to your computer via USB, while connecting to the logger via an appropriate coupler.

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Set of couplers:
UA-003-64-Event/Rainfall/Temperature Pendant
UA-001-08-Temperature/Alarm (waterproof) Pendant
UA-001-64-Temperature/Alarm (waterproof) Pendant
UA-002-08-Temperature/Light (waterproof) Pendant
UA-002-64-Temperature/Light (waterproof) Pendant
RG3-M-Data Logging Rain Gauge (Metric)
RG3-Data Logging Rain Gauge (English)
UA-004-64-G Logger Pendant

The Optic USB Base Station allows communication between the host computer and HOBO® optic loggers. The base station uses infrared light to transfer data, which allows loggers to be completely sealed and waterproof. The Optic USB Base Station converts the USB communication protocol into an infrared protocol used by the optic USB loggers.

A coupler is required to connect the logger to the base station. Refer to the documentation that came with your logger for the part number of the correct coupler.

Plug the USB connector on the base station into an available USB port on your computer. Firmly insert the optical end of the base station into the D-shaped end of the coupler, as shown in the example below. Then insert the logger into the coupler, aligning the logger as described in the documentation that came with your logger. The base station’s LED will illuminate when the logger is able to communicate with the computer.

If the logger is not aligned properly, or if the coupler is not seated firmly on the base station, the logger and the Optic USB Base Station will be unable to communicate.

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BASE-U-4 Optic USB Base Station

Weight 1 kg
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