YSI 3100 Lab Conductivity

YSI Laboratory Conductivity Instrument provides high Accuracy measurements for your conductivity needs

The YSI 3100 provides accuracy and reliability in measuring conductivity, salinity and temperature. The instrument uses forced-current measurement technology, and other features including direct-reading digital display, adjustable temperature coefficient, reference temperature, and automatic temperature compensation. The YSI 3100 uses a line of NIST-traceable conductivity cells with built-in temperature sensors, assuring the most accurate measurements. Ensure even more accurate readings by using YSI conductivity solutions and the 3166 Resistor set as part of your QA/QC procedures.

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The YSI Model 3100 is a microprocessor based instrument designed to perform laboratory measurement of conductivity, salinity and temperature. The instrument’s push button operation makes it simple to use.

The Model 3100’s microprocessor allows the system to be easily calibrated with the press of a few keys. Additionally, the microprocessor performs a self-diagnostic routine each time the instrument is turned on. The self-diagnostic routine provides you with useful information about the cell constant, function of the instrument circuitry, and the quality of the readings you obtain.

The system simultaneously displays temperature (in oC), along with one of the following parameters: conductivity (in S/cm or mS/cm), temperature compensated conductivity, (in S/cm or mS/cm), and salinity (in parts per thousand [ppt]). You can switch back and forth from salinity, conductivity, and temperature compensated conductivity with a single push of the MODE key.

YSI 3100 Conductivity Meter
High-accuracy measurements for basic conductivity needs. Uses forced-current technology. Includes direct-reading digital display, adjustable temperature coefficient, and automatic temperature compensation.

Measurements include:
• Conductivity
• Salinity
• Temperature

NIST-Traceable Resistor Sets
More precise than common resistors and able to optimize instrument performance, the YSI 3166 Resistor Sets are characterized for AC and DC, and are mounted on banana plugs for easy use.

Ordering Information:

3100-115 Conductivity Instrument, Lab, 115 V
3100-230 Conductivity Instrument, Lab, 230V

Conductivity Cells
3232 Adaptor, Cell
3252 ABS Plastic cell w/temp., 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3253 Glass dip cell w/temp., 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3254 Glass fill cell w/temp., 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3255 Glass flow-thru w/temp., 4 ft., K=0.1cm-1
3256 Glass dip cell w/temp., 4 ft., K=0.1cm-1
3401 Glass, 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3402 Glass, 4 ft., K=0.1 cm-1
3403 Glass, 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3417 ABS, 4 ft., K=1.0 cm-1
3418 ABS, 4 ft., K=0.1 cm-1
3440 Glass, 4 ft., K=10.0 cm-1

Accessories and Replacement Parts
003208 3208 Power Supply, 115 VAC
003209 3209 Power Supply, 240 VAC
031008 Overlay, Window
031009 Overlay, Keypad
051009 Window
113117 Board Assy, PC, Main
055214 LCD Includes zebra strips
113138 Case Assy, Upper
111027 Case Assy, Lower Includes 003226 weight
003226 Weight, SS
051043 Foot, Rubber, Self-Stick
032061 Gasket, Connector, Cell
032063 Gasket, Connector, Power
051025 Standoff, .25, Snap-In Retain display
003228 Extension, Switch
031041 Operations Manual
031043 Service Manual
003229 Cable Assy, Cell 7-pin mini DIN to pigtail
3232 Cell adapter For YSI 3400 Series cells
3166 Calibrator resistor set Requires 3232 cell adapter



Weight 8 kg
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