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WTW PB 150-SE Stationary Samplers for measuring networks

System for continuous, unmanned, "around the clock" monitoring. For process and water monitoring measurements networks. self-emptying; frame mounting

PB 150-SE

For permanent stationary use in water and wastewater monitoring measuring networks, automatically self-emptying samplers are available from the PB 150-SE 12 series equipped with 12 or PB 150-SE 24 equipped with 24 sample vessels. These devices operate with proven low maintenance and self-cleaning vacuum technology. The sample vessels are available in glass (Duran 50) and are easily extractable for cleaning. The bottle is sealed and emptied by means of robust constriction hose valves. The fractioned sample in the device is automatically discarded (emptied) or manually extracted for analysis. Immediately after emptying a sample which is no longer required, the relevant bottle is rinsed with pressurized clean water before it is refilled. These devices can store up to 12/24 reserve samples without supervision. In case of serious disruption of operation or other events, event samples can be taken. The PB 150-SE devices are thus not only suitable for “around the clock sampling” for routine monitoring tasks, but also for event sampling or for a combination of both. Sampling is traceable by means of the program and error memory readout on the display or can be documented and programmed from a PC using the communication software.
Sampling Method

  • Vacuum system
  • Vacuum system Var (Option)
  • Self-emptying

Sampling Method

  • Time
  • Amount
  • Flow volume (Option)
  • Event
  • Combination mode

Sample Fractioning/Composite Sample

  • 12 x 1.6 l glass
  • RV 24 x 2 l glass (Option)

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