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WTW Multi-line 1000 for drinking water control

As the only complete system, Multi-line 1000 offers convenient measuring and output of up to six parameters with a single transmitter. Ready-to0operate monitoring system offers easy interface, including the touchscreen with intuitive menu navigation.

Multi-parameter System

With up to 6 individually configurable measuring channels, the MULTILINE 1000 terminal is a very flexible measuring system for drinking water analysis. The system is pre-assembled on a wall mounting panel for immediate use. Just connect the power and sample flow – and it’s ready to go.
• Digital interface (RS 232/RS 422/RS 485)
• 4 x 0/4 … 20mA outputs
• 4 x potential-free relays for limit value/alarm function (timer function programmable)
• Metal housing, protection class IP 65
• Large backlit display with touch screen

Correctly dosed: chlorine measurements
For disinfection monitoring, three amperometric type chlorine electrodes are available.
• Free chlorine: The FCML 412 is suitable for measurements with changing pH values (pH 4 … 9, pH compensation integrated in the sensor).
• Free chlorine: The FCML 68 is suitable for measurements with a relatively constant pH value of approximately pH 7*).
• For total chlorine, the TCML is available.
All measuring cells are supplied with the D-Cl flow-through armature.
*) If the pH value is measured simultaneously, the measured value can be pH-compensated via the MULTILINE 1000.

High precision measurement: pH, Cond, ORP
The flow-through armature has three slots for 13.5 screw threads. Integrated in the screw coupling, all three built-in sensors can be removed together and thus be rapidly and easily calibrated or serviced with the aid of the calibration console.
• SenTix® ML 70 combination electrode
pH combination electrode optimized for drinking water, with gel electrolyte and S7 plug connector
• LR ML conductivity cell
Very robust synthetic two electrode cell with a large measuring range of 0.1 to 20 mS
• SenTix® ML ORP combination electrode
ORP combination electrode for exact ORP measurement

Constant flow: flow measurement
The flow measurement is used to control the optimal incident flow for continuous operation.

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