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WatchDog 425 Logger

Build the measurement system you need at a price you can afford and let a WatchDog improve your effectiveness today! Logs temperature, and three additional sensors.

WatchDog Model 425 Data Logger - Temp and 3 External Channels

WatchDog 400 Series Data Loggers feature four channels with a capacity of 15,000 measurements (3,750 per channel). Add the external plug-in sensors you need to create a portable weather monitoring and data recording system.

View data on the LCD display or download it to your PC for analysis.

Select measurement intervals of 1, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes. A 30-minute measurement interval will record for 85 days before the logger's memory is full. EEPROM memory keeps data safe in case of power loss.

The versatile SpecWare 6.0 Software lets you change external sensors to monitor different parameters as your needs change.

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WatchDog 425