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METS - Methane Sensor

Methane is one of the most important gases in our environment. Indeed, in many areas of everyday life, the monitoring of methane is a necessity. The CAPSUMS`s METS is a unique underwater methane sensor solving the problems of the in-situ measurements of CH4. Applications range from the treatment of sewage waters and landfill leachates to water quality monitoring, from biogas production to climate change studies and also includes many aspects of the offshore oil, gas and hydrate exploration activities (e.g. installation safety, environmental protection, exploration surveys).

Methane Sensor Specifications

Detector type: semi-conductor

Function principle: The hydrocarbon molecules diffuse out of the liquid through a special silicone membrane into the detector room. The adsorption of hydrocarbon on the active layer leads to electron exchange with oxygen and thus to modification of the resistance, which the electronics transduce into a voltage.

Standard: 10µm silicone membrane
Optional:10 to 100µm silicone membrane with anti-fouling protection

Depth: 0-2000 m, optional to 3,500 metres
Temperature: typical 2-20°C (other ranges on request)
Methane: typical 50 - 10µmol/l (other ranges on request)
Response Reaction time: 1 to 3 sec. t 90-time: up to 5 min dependent on turbulence
Power Supply: generally 9 - 36 VDC Power
Consumption: 160 mA (switch-on peak 400 mA)
Output: Standard: analogue 0 - 5 V and digital RS-485
Options:· RS - 232 (sensor output)· RS - 485/ RS - 232 (desktop converter)· 0 - 5 V/ 4-20 mA (desktop converter)(other outputs on request)

Housing diameter: 49 mm
Length overall: 200 mm
Weight in air approx: 1.5 kg (titanium: 1.0 kg)
Housing material: High-grade-steel or titanium

Ordering Information:
METS (classic, IR, W)
2000m stainless steel or titanium
3500m stainless steel or titanium

RS232 output
Seabird SBE-5M Pump (with flow-through chamber, mounting kit, cable)
FDL-Compact Datalogger