CTD3100 Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Sensor (Discontinued)

CTD3100 available in self logging or SDI-12 Output to a datalogger

The Greenspan CTD3100 Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Sensor provides a complete self contained measurement and data logging system for a wide range of environmental water monitoring applications. The sensor utilises a reliable and robust toroidal sensor for conductivity measurement and a ceramic capacitance sensor for depth sensing.

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• Conductivity measurements via Toroidal Sensor
• Storage of raw EC, temp and normalised EC to 25 degrees
• Low power usage enables long term remote operation
• Internal data logger for collection of data during critical events
• Telemetry options via mobile phone, radio and satellite
• SDI12 cable adaptor unit for connection into data logger or controller.

Temperature is measured using a highly accurate and stable thermistor. Multi-point linearity and temperature calibration over the full operating ranges ensures stable, repeatable and accurate readings in the field.

The internal data logger allows long term data collection at remote sites, as well as options for remote telemetry connection. The sensor can be fitted with an external cable, or with an on-board battery pack for true stand alone operation. Other cable options can provide serial output in SDI12 format for connection to external data logger or process controller.

• Can be installed in active waters (acidic or salty conditions)
• Reliable and robust sensor ensures minimal field visits for maintenance
• Suitable for marine applications and waterways with high sediment loads
• Easy to configure logger – quick retrieval of data
• Graphical and tabular display – export to spreadsheet format.

The sensor is ideal for use in hydrographic and environmental water monitoring applications, including tidal and estuary monitoring. A durable acetal body with double O ring design ensures suitability for the harshest environment applications.

Standard EC ranges available
Standard Pressure ranges available
Gauge 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100m
Absolute 20, 40, 75, 100m

Other Ranges available Yes – Calibration charge may apply

Sensor Outputs Internal Data Logger – serial data via Smartcom software
Optional adaptor provides SDI12 serial output (3 wire)

Cable lengths 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150m (32, 65, 100, 165, 325, 490 ft)
Power supply 8 to 30Vdc (at sensor), or on-board battery pack (option)

On-board battery pack (option) Housing screws to sensor size (OD x L) 47mm x 250mm
Battery capacity 9 x Lithium AA (3.6Volt) – Total capacity 5.2Ah @ 10.8v
Typical field life (battery pack) Over 6 months remote operation @ 1hr data logging.

Internal data logger Non-volatile, battery backed RAM with real time clock
Memory size 2Mb capacity, with user selectable wrap function
Measuring units User definable
Data storage 250,000 readings. (Typically 5 minute data for >12 months)
Logging frequency User selectable from 1 second up to once per day

The CTD3100 sensor is easy to configure and operates using the supplied Smartcom software.

Ordering Information:
The following information will be required:
• Model CTD3100
• Sensor EC full scale range (uS/cm)
• Pressure sensor type – Gauge or Absolute
• Sensor depth full scale range (m)
• Cable length (m)
• Specify battery pack or any other options.

The CTD3100 has an on-board data logger and is supplied with an easy to use user interface, Smartcom. RS232 output with optional SDI-12 output via SDI-12 Adaptor. 66 Point EC/temperature calibration and 36 point pressure/temperature calibration. Software aslo allows for field adjustment of offset and full scale



Weight 5 kg
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