700 IQ IFL Sensor

IFL 700 IQ Interface/Sludge Level Measurement for the IQ SensorNet 2020 XT System

The IFL700IQ is an ultrasonic, interface level measurement sensor for the IQ SensorNet system. During the wastewater treatment process, the measurement of the interface level between liquids is of vital importance for optimal performance and trouble-free operation. The 700 IQ IFL provides continuous data to help operational efficiency improvement decisions. Simply connect it to the 2020 XT IQ SensorNet system.

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The IFL is factory-calibrated and ready for operation with input of immersion depth and tank depth. The intelligent signal processing of the sensor provides the user most reliable data at any time for more operational reliability. The sensor is able to differentiate light sludge layers and irrelevant signals (e.g. fixed objects or moving rakes) from settled sludge. Advanced features allow selection of threshold intensity for the desired measured value, residence time to filter out sludge scrapers, echo tracking, minimum intensity to ignore echoes with low intensity, and evaluation range to limit the measuring range between desired depths.

The calibration-free sensor uses a special bubble sweeper system for automatic cleaning. The smart design and high-tech materials guarantee a safe measurement with very long maintenance intervals.

• Intelligent signal processing – filters out undesired signals caused by floating sludge, internal fittings, or moving skimmers
• Simple system configuration with the IQ SensorNet
• Detailed display of echo profile (density of reflecting particles) for graphical visualisation
• Maintenance free non-contact cleaning system
• 2-year sensor warranty
• Advanced settings for demanding application

Measurement Method: Ultrasound echo measurement (ultrasonic)
Measurement Range: 0.4 to 15 m
Resolution: 0.01 m
Accuracy: 0.1 m
Signal Filters: Yes
Flow Speed Max.: 4 m/s
Cleaning System: Automatic, non-contact wiper (optional)
Dimensions: Length 442 mm; max. diameter 105 mm
Weight Approx.: 3.6 kg
Immersion Depth: Min. 5 cm; max. 3 m
Protection Class Sensor with SACIQ cable connected: IP68; 0.3 bar (4.3 psi)
Pressure Resistance: sensor with connected SACIQ cable complies with the requirements of article 3(3), 97/23/EU guideline. 0.3 bar (4.3 psi)
pH range: 4 to 12
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Electrical Nominal: voltage 24 VDC, provided by the IQ SensorNet system
Power Consumption: 2.8 W
Certifications: CE, cETL, ETL
System Compatibility: YSI IQ SensorNet system 2020 XT

Ordering Information:
481 200Y IFL 700 IQ Digital ultrasound interface level sensor with automatic cleaning system
481 201Y IFL 700 IQ Digital ultrasound interface level sensor

481 205Y IFL -D Sensor mount with deflector for IFL 700 IQ for use with moving surface skimmers
481 207Y IFL -RM Rail mounting for IFL 700 IQ (works with IFL-D)

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