TresCon® OP 510

With a continuous monitor PO4 analyzer, the operator of water treatment plants can realize significant cost savings.

TresCon® OP 510 – Online PTotal measurement module consists of two units: in the first unit (digestion unit) the sample undergoes a chemical-thermal digestion; in the second unit the total phosphorus content is determined. During the digestion all the phosphorus compounds contained in the sample are converted to orthophosphate; this can be determined photometrically. The phosphorus compounds are oxidized by peroxodisulfate under acidic conditions. This process is accelerated by overpressure and an increased temperature so that very short digestion times are achieved.

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There are two methods available for determining phosphate or phosphorus concentrations:

• Molybdenum blue method
• Vanadate/molybdate method (yellow method)

Both techniques are based on the measurement of orthophosphate. Digestion of both dissolved organic as well as particulate phosphorus compounds is therefore mandatory for determining the total P content. In addition, an unfiltered sample must be acquired in order to include all solid matters in the digestion process. Digestion is usually performed by heating the sample with peroxodisulfate and sulfuric acid.

The TresCon PO4-P analysing module operates according to the molybdate-vanadate procedure. It also detects orthophosphate (PO4 3- ) while doing so. A colour reagent is added to the sample or depending on the operating mode- to the standard. According to the concentration of PO4 3- ions, a colour change occurs that is analysed in the process photometer. The TresCon PO4-P operates either discontinuously or quasi-continuously as required. Various settings and modes are available to the user so that the instrument can be optimally adapted to any application.

The subsequent analysis is by the molybdenum blue method. The sample is mixed with a molybdate reagent which reacts with phosphate via an intermediate chemical step to form a blue colouration. The intensity this colouration is a measure of the original concentration of the phosphate ions. It is measured photometrically and evaluated.

• 2-point calibration – high degree of accuracy
• Automatic Monitoring
• “Blue” method
• Monitoring the effluent from wastewater treatment plant for PTotal
• Monitoring phosphorus pollution in natural waters

Measuring Ranges PTotal: 0.01 … 3.00/6.00*; 0.3 … 100/200
Accuracy ±3% of the measured value ±0.05 mg/l PTotal
Measuring Principle Photometric reference beam method after digestion
Measuring Method Molybdenum blue method
Coefficient of Variation for Method 1.5%
Measuring Interval 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 60 min can be set (DIN EN measurement with 30 min digestion at approx. 248 °F/120 °C)
Calibration Fully automatic 2-point calibration
Consumption Reagents A, B, C, D: 10/15/20/30/60 days with 10/15/20/30/60 min measuring intervals
Standard, 1.5 l: 70 days with 24 h calibration interval
Cleaning solution, 1.5 l: 60 days with 24 h cleaning interval
Maintenance Interval Every 3 months
Guaranty 2 years for defects of quality

Ordering Information:
TresCon® Total Phosphate
820 011 OP 510 Separate TresCon® analyser module for on-line measurement of total phosphorus, for extension of a TresCon® system, incl. manual.
Supplied with cooling box (KB/P511), reagents for 60 days (S/BI-P21, 4x R/P511), annual need tubing (Epack/N211), overflow vessel (TC/ÜB1), 10 l container (BETH/10) and 1.5 l container (BEH/T1,5)

8A-8X030 TresCon® P 511 TresCon® basic instrument with analyser module OP510, for on-line measurement of total phosphorus incl. instruction manual, 230VAC/50Hz, 115VAC/60Hz.

With stand (incl. power supply and tray), mounting accessories for wall mounting, 2 m power cable, consumables for 3 month operation, overflow vessel with tubing and DN40 escape pipe with connecting piece

505 536 PA-OP510/S Sample preparation unit for TresCon® total phosphorus analyser. Homogenizer, sample beaker, control, valves and tubings are offered ready for use assembled on a mounting plate.

TresCon® Total Phosphate Accessories
821 096 RD/P511 Reagent D for module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)
821 097 RC/P511 Reagent C for module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)
821 098 RB/P511 Reagent B for module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)
821 099 RA/P511 Reagent A for module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)
821 059 BSet/P511 Container set for total phosphor TresCon® module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)
821 201 Wpack/P511 Set of maintenance kit (fittings and spare tubes) for TresCon® total phosphorus analyzer module OP 510 (resp. TresCon® P511)

821 017 BEH/ T 1,5 1.5 l wide-necked bottle (with screw cap and labels)
821 019 BEH/ T 10 10 l container (with screw cap and labels)
821 068 KB/P511 Cooling box for Ptotal reagents for total phosphor TresCon® module
821 071 R/ ADD/ TC Pack of Na2-EDTA powder (390 g) as reagent additive for 10 l
821 075 R/ A111 Pack of 390g Na2-EDTA powder (for 10 l) and 400 g NaOH concentrate (pellets), for ammonium, nitrate, nitrite and orthophosphate TresCon®module

821 121 S/ BI – P211 Standard solution B-I (1.6 mg/I PO4-P) 1.5 l, for orthophosphate TresCon® module OP 210/MB 1 (resp. TresCon® P211 MB 1, TCU/P211 MB 1, OP 511, P 511)

821 175 EL/ TC Spare lamp for photometer block

Weight 20 kg
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