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M4000 12 Volt Optical DO

How can dissolved oxygen be measured using fluorescence? A very specific energy wavelength is transmitted to a ruthenium compound immobilised in a sol-gel matrix. The ruthenium will absorb this energy, changing the outer electron's energy level. The electron will then collapse back to it's original energy state, emitting the energy as a photon with a different specific wavelength. This is called fluorescing. If the intensity of the transmitted wavelength is tightly controlled, the amount of fluorescing is both predictable and repeatable. If oxygen molecules are present the amount of fluorescing is reduced, referred to as fluorescence quenching. By measuring the amount of quenching it is possible to determine the amount of oxygen present.

12 volt 4-20mA Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor OEM with optional temperature output

The InsiteIG Model 4000 dissolved oxygen analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid state, optical sensor. The Model 4000 was designed to be incorporated into the end users enclosure or panel. The system can user one or two sensors, and provides Modbus and 0-1VDC outputs.

-Fluorescence sensor technology
-No membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges
-Sensor does not have to remain moist
-Connections for Data Logging
-Factory calibrated
-Ready to use

Ordering Information:
M4000 DO OEM Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System comes with software, and 7 meters of cable