TetraCon® DU/T

TetraCon® DU/T – for standard industrial applications

4-electrode conductivity cell with integral flow-thru chamber (7 ml volume), built-in temperature sensor; measuring range 1 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm. Recommended for standard industrial applications.

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TetraCon® 700 conductivity sensors are especially suitable for use in wastewater treatment plants dealing with highly loaded sewage. Due to the special measuring technique employed, severe influences from polarisation effects are eliminated, resulting in improved accuracy of the sensor. Provided the devices are installed in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions, errors due to the distortion of the current and voltage fields are also avoided.

The special cell geometry of the TetraCon® 700 makes it impervious to fouling, and the abrasion resistant carbon electrodes are also easy to clean. The modern epoxy resin encapsulation technique used diminishes the likelihood of sensor breakage in harsh industrial environments.

The TetraCon® 700 as digital model TetraCon® 700 IQ is also available for connection to IQ SENSOR NET. This version is specially featured by a larger measuring range (10 µS/cm to 500 mS/cm).

Furthermore, TetraCon® 700 SW seawater model for fishfarming has proven quality for harsh weather conditions, in salt water and with wave action

Analog 4-electrode cell
Conductivity 1 µS/cm … 2 S/cm
Cell Constants K = 0.778 cm-1
Maximum Pressure 10 bar

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301 252 TetraCon® DU/T 4-electrode fl ow-through conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor for all standard applications, cell constant: K = 0,778/cm


Weight 5 kg
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