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Precision Pyranometer

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An ideal pyranometer measures the entire solar spectrum, 280 to 2800 nm. However, about 90% of sunlight energy is between 300 to 1100 nm. Model SP-110 is calibrated to estimate all of the short wave energy from sunlight. Apogee pyranometers are calibrated under sun light over a multiple day period to a heated and ventilated Kipp & Zonen model CM21 precision reference radiometer.

This sensor is a silicon-cell pyranometer. It is calibrated to measure total shortwave radiation. The evaporation of water from soil and the transpiration of water from plant leaves are partly determined by the intensity of shortwave radiation, which is measured in Joules m-2 s-1 or Watts m-2

Cosine response 45° zenith angle ± 1 %
75° zenith angle ± 4 %
Absolute accuracy ± 5 %
Uniformity ± 3 %
Repeatability ± 1 %
Output Responsivity 0.200 mV per W m-2
In full sunlight 220 mV (1,100 W m-2)
Linear range 0 - 350 mV (0 - 1,750 W m-2); 1.75 x full sun
Sensitivity Custom calibrated to exactly 5.00 W m-2 per mV
Input power None, self-powered

Operating environment - 40 to 55 °C; 0 to 100% relative humidity.
Designed for continuous outdoor use. Can be submerged under water.
Materials Anodized aluminium with acrylic lens
Cable 3 meters of shielded, twisted-pair wire with Santoprene casing, ending in pigtail leads.
Dimensions 2.4 cm diameter, 2.75 cm high
Mass 70 g (with 3 m lead wire)

LRD 325 Conductivity
Model SP-110: Precision Pyranometer
Model AL-100: Levelling plate