Volatile Organic Compound Sampler

Developed in conjunction with the National Water-Quality Assessment Program. Collects unbiased stream-water samples.

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An extensively field-tested apparatus that’s a must for accurate VOC testing, uniting rugged, stainless-steel construction and proven trouble-free design. Its purpose is to collect samples of man-made compounds (such as gasoline, by-products of chlorination, solvents, etc.) from streams for further analysis. Developed with the assistance of Larry R. Shelton, USGS, it includes a detailed Field Guide describing collection procedures, preparation, documentation, and sample processing procedures among other topics.

The unit is deliberately heavy to provide stability in fast-flowing streams. You can add an additional ten-pound weight to keep the sampler upright under high flow. The cover over the inlet ports prevents surface borne contamination from entering the sampler. Cups on the bottom hold four 40 mL vials, which interlock with four removable copper tubes attached to the lid. These vials are flushed seven times prior to the final filling. Because you must allow 3-4 minutes to fill the sampler completely, you are assured the accurate and representative sample your study requires.
Sold as a kit for shipping reasons.

• Weight: 11 lbs, 6” diameter and 6” in height
• 4 vials, each holding 40 mL
• Copper exhaust tube, 4 copper inlet tubes
• All stainless-steel construction
• Includes: 10-lb. weight, instructions with field guide, protective 910-G25 plastic carry case with foam insert, and 61-B14 cable (100’) and 4 vials

Ordering Information:
995-A10 Volatile Organic Compound Sampler

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