I-CHEM Storm Water Sampler

The I-CHEM collects a full one-liter sample of first flush storm water in compliance with EPA sampling requirements.

The new NALGENE® Storm Water Sampler and Mounting Kit is a convenient, easy-to-install device which meets EPA grab sampling requirements, and eliminates the need to mobilise a field crew immediately to collect storm water samples. The first disposable storm water sampler available on the market, NALGENE Storm Water Samplers eliminate the need for decontamination after every use, as in traditional automated sampling equipment.

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The I-CHEM Storm Water Sampler is a simple, plastic, disposable device. When used with the mounting kit, the sampler can be securely positioned into a ditch, stream or storm grate outfall. The mounting device can easily be positioned once and left in place, then loaded with a new disposable sampler each quarter. Researchers can conveniently and economically collect all of their samples in a single rain event, since the NALGENE Storm Water Sampler and Mounting Kit are affordable enough to dedicate one to every outfall event.

The I-CHEM collects a full one litre sample of first flush storm water within the first 30 minutes of a rain event. A floating ball valve seals off the sample collection port to prevent co-mingling with run-off water as well as volatile analyte loss. Water flows through the sampler’s collection funnel directly into a Nalgene sample bottle so that no sample transfer is necessary before transport to the lab.

After sampling is complete, remove the collection bottle from the reusable storm water sampler mounting kit’s tube (sold separately). Simply discard the bottle’s collection funnel and replace with a standard Nalgene closure for leakproof transport.

To do future sampling, just insert a new I-CHEM storm water sampler in the tube. Because a new sample bottle is used each time, no decontamination is needed. The I-CHEM can be securely mounted in a storm water ditch, stream, or storm grate outfall using the storm water sampler mounting kit.

Sampler, 13.2″H (335mm) x 3.8″ dia. (100mm)
Mounting Kit, 15.6″H (400mm) x 4.6″ dia. (115mm)

Ordering Information:
77275 I-CHEM Storm Water Sampler, pack of 4
77271 Storm Water Sampler Mounting Kit


Weight 4 kg
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