WS750 Wastewater Stormwater Sampler

Global Water’s WS750 Wastewater Stormwater Sampler the easiest and most reliable method for collecting water quality samples.

Our new WS750 two-bottle wastewater/stormwater samplers combine all the features you need to meet a wide variety of sampling requirements, including those for stormwater, industrial discharge, water and wastewater treatment, waste collection systems, and rivers and streams.

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• Ideal for wastewater, industrial and environmental sampling
• Does composite, discrete or both types of sampling
• Simple to operate-no programming required
• Output provided for use with optional datalogger
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Rugged construction for harsh environments
• Meets federal, state and local wastewater regulations
• Timed and external flow proportional sampling
• Adjustable and repeatable sample volume
• Peristaltic pump prevents sample contamination
• Automatic back-flush clears pick-up strainer and hose
• Rechargeable battery or AC powered

The easiest and most reliable method for collecting water quality samples.

The WS750 wastewater/stormwater sampler’s state of the art controller gives you complete control over your wastewater/stormwater sampling process. With the wastewater/stormwater sampler’s sample size control, you can take individual time-weighted composite samples or full-bottle discrete grab samples. The wastewater/stormwater sampler’s sample interval control allows you set the time between individual composite samples or enable the external trigger mode. A start delay timer allows you to start multiple wastewater/stormwater samplers in the field at the same time, or to delay drawing a wastewater/stormwater sample after a triggering event so that your sample better represents the water source. An automatic 15 second back-flush cycle clears any debris from the wastewater/stormwater sampler’s strainer and empties the water from the hose so the next sample is not contaminated.

A unique feature of the WS750 stormwater/wastewater samplers is the ability to set the sampling mode for each pump and bottle individually. This allows you to take two individual time-weighted or flow proportional composite samples, or you can set the stormwater/wastewater samplers to take full-bottle discrete (grab) samples, or you can set the stormwater/wastewater samplers to take a full-bottle discrete (grab) sample in one bottle and a time-weighted or flow proportional composite sample in the other. In the case of two composite samples you can have different size settings for each pump.

The WS750 stormwater/wastewater samplers are easy to set up in the field. The stormwater/wastewater samplers rugged rainproof enclosure can be padlocked and/or chained to prevent tampering. The stormwater/wastewater samplers are enclosed in a relatively small case that can be easily hidden or camouflaged to prevent vandalism. The stormwater/wastewater sampler’s is lightweight enough that even with a full sample bottle it can be suspended in a manhole for storm drain or sewer sampling.

The WS750 wastewater/stormwater samplers come with two 1-gallon polyethylene sample bottles for collecting composite samples, two peristaltic sampling pump, a circuit board controller, and a rechargeable gel cell battery. Also provided are two sample pick-up hoses and a battery charger. Everything you need is provided for a successful wastewater management or environmental monitoring program.

Low Power
The composite/discrete water sampler’s 5 AH rechargeable battery will power the sampler for several months or a half hour of continuous sampling with both pumps.

Overflow Protection
The wastewater/stormwater sampler’s sample bottles are each equipped with a float switch that automatically turns off the peristaltic sampling pump if the water bottle becomes full.

Sample Size
The user can adjust the wastewater/stormwater sampler’s peristaltic pumps individually to one of 15 composite sample sizes from 50ml to 2 litres plus a full bottle discrete setting. The wastewater/stormwater sampler’s peristaltic pumps can be set to a single sample time interval from 5 min. to 12 hours plus an external trigger mode setting for flow proportional sampling.

Flow Proportional Sampling
An external pulse-type flow meter can control the water sample interval for true flow proportional sampling. Global Water’sOpen Channel Flow Monitor has a flow-proportional output signal for triggering the WS750 wastewater/stormwater samplers.

Operating Temperature: 0 to +70C
Size of unit: 22″H X 17″W X 9″D
Weight: 22lb (Shipping Weight 24lb)
Enclosure: Expanded UV protected PVC
Bottles: Two 1 gallon Polyethylene
Pickup Hose: 15′ reinforced PVC 1/4″ ID polyethylene flexible tubing section with intake strainer
Pump Tubing: Norprene 1/4″ ID, 7/16″ OD Sample Pump:
Flow Rate: 1000 ml per minute at a 4 foot head
Type: Peristaltic
Maximum Lift: 20 feet

Battery: Rechargeable 5 AH Gel Cell
Battery Life:
One Pump running: 1 hour Two Pumps running: 1/2 hour
Standby: 3 months while still retaining enough power to run thepump to capacity

Start Delay: 16 time settings from 0 to 12 hours
Composite Interval: 15 time settings from 5 min. to 12 hours plus an External Trigger mode setting
Sample Size: 15 composite sample sizes from 50ml to 2 liters plus a Full Bottle discrete setting (Approximate sizes at 4 foot head)External Trigger Input: 250mS minimum pulse width
Switch closure or 4-30VDC
Pulse Output: 5VDC one-second pulse
1000ohm output impedance
Bottle Switch Input: Switch closure Input
Floating read switch in bottle

Rain and Water Sensors: Optional moisture sensors or switch closure inputs
Internal Fuse: 10A Slow-Blow

Ordering Information:
WS750 Stormwater/Wastewater Sampler
Includes the following parts: a rugged, rainproof, lockable carrying enclosure, two 1 gallon polyethylene sample bottles, two peristaltic sampling pumps, a control panel enclosed logic timer/controller, two 15′ reinforcedPVC sample pickup hoses with removable debris strainers, a 5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery, and a battery charger.



Weight 12 kg
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