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Port A Reel - Environmental

AMS Port-A-Reels are designed for automated well purging and sampling, using a Redi-Flo II pump. The AMS Port-A-Reel is available in four easy-to-use models including the Standard Manual or Hydraulic and the Environmental Manual or Hydraulic.

Environmental Port A Reels 2600.00

The AMS Environmental Port-A-Reel models consist of a stainless steel reel and sheave with water contacting parts of stainless steel or fluoropolymer. This ensures the samples will be representative and decontamination will be effective. The Grundfos RediFlo II pump is attached to a 3/4" O.D. polyethylene tubing lined with fluoropolymer. The motor lead and a stainless steel support cable are enclosed within this tubing. All other features of the environmental Port-A-Reels are the same as the standard models described. Two versions are available, manual and hydraulic. Both are available with a selection of fluoropolymer lined polyethylene tubing lengths.

Ordering Information:
Call for more information or to order the Port-A-Reel to fit your needs.·
#2602.40 - Manual 100 Foot·
#2602.45 - Manual 150 Foot·
#2602.50 - Manual 200 Foot·
#2602.55 - Manual 250 Foot·
#2602.60 - Manual 300 Foot·

#2603.40 - Hydraulic 100 Foot·
#2603.45 - Hydraulic 150 Foot·
#2603.50 - Hydraulic 200 Foot·
#2603.55 - Hydraulic 250 Foot·
#2603.60 - Hydraulic 300 Foot